Terrest Brewery now brews the beers of Poperinge organic hop grower De Plukker.

Terrest Brewery, one of the few farmhouse breweries in Flanders, is based in Houthulst and henceforth brews the beers of Poperinge organic hop grower De Plukker. As a result, the beer offering has increased fivefold in one fell swoop. Managing director Valerie Van der Bauwhede (27) and her father Johan (61) are white ravens in the beer landscape and know very well which way they want to go.

Johan and his wife Gudrun have been farmers all their lives. They look after their livestock with the greatest love, but a farmer has to be creative. His passion for beer made Johan decide, after the necessary training, to start a farm brewery. In daughter Valerie, with a degree in marketing under her belt, he found his ideal ally. In the meantime, the Terrest Brewery, as their company is called, has been recognized as a 100% West Flemish producer and on the wall hangs a gold and silver medal they won at last year's World Beer Awards. To that string of successes, the Van der Bauwhede family now adds four additional beers from Popering organic hop grower De Plukker.

Same recipe and concept
The good collaboration with that Westhoek entrepreneur is the result of the internship Valerie is currently doing there. "The contact with farmer Joris Cambie and brewer Kris Langouche was immediately warm. I sensed our shared passion. We both run a farm brewery. Joris goes one step further by growing organic hops. We also use our own hops and barley. Another common ground is a focus on quality and authenticity. All this makes Joris saw in Terrest Brewery the suitable acquirer. We produce the four beers of De Plukker - Trippel Plukker, Keikoppenbier, Rookop and All Inclusive with eight different hop varieties - in Houthulst according to the same concept and taste and of course with Poperinge hops. Read the full article by clicking here.

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